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Garrity Tools

Garrity Tools

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Garrity Tools is located in St Louis, USA. They design and make wooden pottery tools from cherry & maple hardwood. Their ceramics ribs, paddles, anvils, & texture tools have quickly become some of the most sought-after tools in ceramics! Garrity Tools designed this collection with the help of countless ceramicists and aims to bring you the highest quality, most inspiring tools out there.

All Garrity tools are made from woods that hold up well against use and water. They are all given a bath in mineral oil. They are designed to get messy, so don’t worry about keeping them shiny. As long as you don’t leave your tools soaking in water for very long (i.e. your slip bucket), they should last for several years. Occasionally when they get really wet, your tools might warp. If you dry them out for a day or two on a flat surface, they will be back to normal!

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