For members

Please collect your bisque and glazeware from the member racks within 30 days. All work must be labeled clearly with your name. Abandoned work will be removed after 30 days.

For Classes and Workshops

Finished work ready for the kiln will take up to two weeks after the class to be fired and ready for pick-up.  Please collect your work during business hours  before the end of the month following your classes. That means you have around 2 weeks in the month following the end of your last class, to pick up your work before it is recycled, sold or given away. You can send someone else to pick up your work in this period, but they will need to know the name and date on the bottom of the piece.

Please Note

We are not responsible for items that were not labeled with the name and date or for any unexpected or unwanted outcomes, including breakage. Pottery is never an exact science and things can and do go sideways from time to time although we always try our very best to preserve your work and art at every step.