How and when can I sign up for a class?

Use our website. New classes will be released each month. Class registration is on a first come, first served basis. 

I’d like to be a member, how do I sign up?

If you are an experienced and confident potter and have taken at least a 6 week course in the past, just sign up online and make an appointment with us for a studio orientation tour. We will take you through the studio, the equipment and assign you a shelf and an entry code so you can come and work anytime.

Otherwise, We encourage you to sign up for our intro class if you feel you are a beginner or need to go over the basics again. If you have not had independent pottery experience in the past two years and do not feel confident in working independently, please sign up for an intermediate class. Once you complete our intro class you should gain all the skills needed to be a competent independent member and create independently. 


I’m already a member. Do I need to book my spot ahead of time?

Nope. Just come on in - space and wheels are on a first come, first served basis but our studio is large and we usually have up to 18 wheels available to you.


Classes are held upstairs, but I have a hard time with stairs - are there classes downstairs?

Yes indeed! Any of our classes can be offered in our member workshop downstairs so please just indicate your need when signing up for the class so we can get the right space prepared for your class.



What if I can’t attend a class I already paid for?

First of all, bummer. Second, we get it. It happens. Sadly we cannot offer a refund on purchased or missed classes. You can gift the class to someone else to take your spot, if the classes have not started or we can register you for a future class. At present, we do not offer make-up classes.


How long is each class?

Mostly 2.5 hours which includes a 30 min clean up at the end. See specific classes for times.


Do you have kid and teen classes?

Unfortunately no. Our studio is ages 18+. But check out our drop in pottery painting.


What is included in the class?

For beginner classes and workshops, you’ll get all the materials you need to make a finished product. For other more advanced classes, you will need to provide your own clay and tools because everyone has different preferences. We’ll let you know in the workshop or class description.


Do you host private events?

Yep! If you are interested in a private event, contact us and we’ll make it happen! Pricing will be available once we know how many people, what kind of event and a timeframe. Contact us at hello@cafeauclay.com

I’m a member, what’s the story with glazing and firing and all that?

Good question! Members must do a glaze orientation before glazing. If you feel you need instruction glazing, please take our glazing workshop. All glazing and firing are included with the purchase of clay.


I have good ideas about how we can make Café au Clay even more awesome. How can I share those?

AMAZING! We love new ideas and insights. We know there may be things we haven’t even thought of. If you want to share, email us at hello@cafeauclay.com 


I don’t live here, but I am a visiting potter. Can I use the studio?

Welcome! We’d love to have you. You’ll still need to take our studio orientation and sign waivers, but we’d love to accommodate you with a short term membership for non-residents.