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Vancouver, BC's Hottest Pottery Studio!

Deep in the heart Vancouver, Cafe au Clay Pottery Studio caters to Potters of all skill levels. Vancouver Pottery Classes held daily. Visit our Kitsilano location today! We're always open!


Memberships are open to any potter but are best for the experienced, confident potters who can work independently in a ceramics studio. 24/7 entry to the Vancouver (Kitsilano) studio! Come and work anytime.
No need to take a class with us first!!

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Café au Clay - Vancouver Pottery Studio

Two friends had a grand idea over the pandemic: "What if we started a pottery studio where we open a welcoming space and invite people in to learn, grow their skills and make new friends!?" And, while it wasn't as easy as it appears, Michelle and Peter formed (pun intended ;) ) a space that's become the go-to for individuals, groups and friends to come hang out, make potttery and gain new friends along the way!

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We exist so you can practice! With 24 hour access for members and extra practice time for students, you won't run out of time! Visit our Vancouver Pottery Studio at 1612 West 3rd Ave - Vancouver, BC

  • Took Beginner Wheel course and really loved it and having access to the space to practice. Very warm, welcoming environment. Definitely recommend!

    P. Inglis

  • "The studio is beautiful, with a lot of space to feel comfortable and calm."

    M. Tudela

  • The experience of pottery at Café au Clay Studios was amazing, because it was different from anything I’ve ever had.

    L. Maia

  • Great community, great material and glaze library, and there's a really cute studio pupper too.

    H. Clement

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