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Café au Clay Studios

Luster Technique Glazing Workshop Sunday October 29th 12:00 -2:00pm

Luster Technique Glazing Workshop Sunday October 29th 12:00 -2:00pm

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Sunday October 29th 12:00 -2:00pm

Up to 7 students - This class is for people who have already have pieces glaze fired and ready for a third firing.

Join Jackie and learn to apply lusters. This is a technique workshop, you will need to bring your own glazed work and your own supplies, including luster.

You will need to bring your own lusters and paint brushes. Please bring items that are glaze fired and ready for luster application. If you are not a current studio member, you can bring up to 1/2 a cubic foot of items to fire.

Lusters can be purchased at Greenbarn or any online pottery supplier.

More Info:

Date of firing: evening of Sunday, October 29th.
What: Cone 019 firing

What you need to know about purchasing lusters. They are expensive and come in very small quantities. You will need a clean dedicated small paint brush. You may also want to purchase brush cleaner if you plan to use the brush again.
Where to buy: Greenbarn or online at PSH

Pro tip from Jackie: Luster is VERY thin and runny. If you open the lid and leave the jar of luster loosely covered for 24 hours, it will thicken up, but will also reduce the amount of luster you have to work with.

Another tip: The luster will be matte on a matte glaze and glossy on a glossy glaze.

Important: Items with luster are NOT FOOD SAFE and application produces fumes and needs to be done in a very well ventilated area.



Sadly we cannot offer a refund on purchased or missed classes. If your class is 7 or more days from beginning, we can switch you to another class if available or move you to a future event. You can also gift the class to someone to take your place. Any change of class, attendee or schedule will incur $30 administration fee.

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