Kiln Space

Need to fire work you’ve made outside of our studio? We’ve got you covered! We can do bisque and Cone 6 electric kiln firing in one of our 12 cubic foot kilns. All prices include labour.

Please contact us with your specific needs at with the subject "kiln space" and we will reply with the procedures and schedule you in.

Firing Costs

Glaze and Fire for Members' Bisqueware

$20/ cu ft

Glaze and Fire for Non-Members Bsiqueware

$40/ cu ft

Bisque, Glaze, Fire for Non-Members

$50/ cu ft

Cone 6

Quarter Kiln: $75 (minimum)

Half Kiln: $100

Full Kiln: $170


Quarter Kiln: $50 (minimum)

Half Kiln: $85

Full Kiln: $150